My hobbies and interests

I have many hobbies. Sometimes I wonder if I have too many. When I feel like going outdoors, I enjoy riding my dirt bike. I love the level of complex thoughts that need to occur, if you are going to make it over a downed tree or up a hill climb.

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I also enjoy engineering concepts. This is why I decided to get a 3D printer. Using the printer along with some 3d modeling software I've solved many problems around the house, and have many awesome trinkets. My favorite part is the amount of freedom that you have when creating 3D models. You are literally creating something out of nothing.

Because I have a career in technology, I mess with my computer a lot. This ranges from upgrading or replacing hardware, to creating a few of virtual machines and creating a stable network with them. Breaking something and finding an effective way to fix it is a big reason why I chose IT.

Speaking of virtualization, I recently acquired a virtual reality headset that will expand my knowledge, and help prepare me for the future. It's amazing how real the games feel when using that headset, and how you don't even need a physical keyboard to type in information inside of the headset. Gaming is something that I spend a ton of time doing, and virtual reality just takes that experience to the next level.

The next thing I love working with is Windows PowerShell. If you know anything about PowerShell, you know how powerful it can be. I've created many tools that even make it easy for an end user to use.

Linux is something I've been attempting to learn recently. Some of the projects I am working on consist of a NAS (Network Access Storage) server, and a VPN (Virtual Private network) server, using Debian Linux. Linux is definitely a learning curve. But with enough time, effort, and energy drinks, I believe I can eventually become fluent in some Linux distributions