My journey so far

I have always wanted to be really good at something, and it has been a roller coaster ride, to say the least, to find out what that might be. I started out in the food industry in high-school, like most people probably have, as a dish washer. I enjoyed most of the people I worked with, along with the extra food they would give me, that they would other wise throw away.

When I graduated high-school, I had that heart dropping feeling of still not knowing what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. This is why I ended up at my next job as a drain technician. This path didn't seam all that bad, because it was cool to see how much thought goes into drain work. Troubleshooting and working through possible solutions or alternatives was my favorite part of that position. I didn't end up sticking with that career path, due to the smells that came with that line of work.

Instead I thought flooring might be for me. I started out by delivering flooring materials to the job sites, and thought about joining the union. That was short-lived, as my allergies would sometimes make it difficult to breath.

Continuing my search, I started working in the irrigation field as a technician. I really liked this position, because of the intense troubleshooting and problem solving aspect, and the looks on customer's faces when we were finished installing a new system. While I really loved working there, I didn't like that I had to save money for the winter, when we didn't have any work. Finally, one day I was listening to the radio, when I heard an ad about an academy that would teach you about cyber security and technology in general. I felt like that was my calling, and decided to take the leap and join that academy.

When I joined the academy, I also when realized that the thing I liked most about my previous experiences, is that I had to troubleshoot, and possibly have to use some work-around methods to achieve success. I have been working in IT for almost two years now, and have loved every bit of it. I have had so many awesome experiences that have helped develop the foundation that I plan on building on for the rest of my career.

From here I plan on working my way to becoming a cyber security expert. Working in IT also enables me to be more effective in some of my hobbies. Currently, I'm working toward getting my CompTIA Security+ certification, in order to assist in my path to success.